Frequently Asked Questions

BulkSMS is basically a platform through which you can easily send thousands of messages at a time on random mobile numbers by just a simple click through different bulk sms gateway.
BulkSMS services are vastly used across the globe to send sms that helps to viral any kind of news, information, product, brand or services to any individuals or to various groups of people.
Yes! We are one of the top most bulk sms provider in India, with the help of our solutions, it is quite easy to send group SMS in all over the India via different sms gateway networks.
It's easy we will provide all delivery details of sent SMS with the help of service provider, in your account itself.
Users can send SMS from Web Panel, Excel Plugin , API . But Resellers apart from sending sms can also sell SMS to their own customers . Resellers get a white labeled panel wherein they can brand to their needs . They will be provided with admin rights so that they can manage their own users.
Single SMS – Instantly send upto 10000 numbers Group SMS – Store contacts in the group and send SMS Excel 2 SMS Static – Send SMS from contacts stored in Excel (only .xls file) Excel 2 SMS Dynamic – Send Dynamic SMS from contacts and content· stored in Excel (only .xls file)
Single SMS – 10,000 sms Group SMS – 2,00,000 sms Excel 2 SMS Static – 65,000 sms Excel 2 SMS Dynamic – 65,000 sms
Sender ID is the Name which goes in the Header of the SMS . It can be alpha numeric and maximum 8 characters. Eg : ICICIBNK . It can be your company name , product name , any names.
It is the operator code and it is mandatory as per TRAI’s rule . Its automatically gets added to the sender id when the message is sent TM- Tata Maharashtra TD – Tata Delhi TA – Tata Andhra LM – Loop Mobil· DZ – Aircel BL, BA , BZ – BSNL
DND – Do Not Disturb Numbers . As per TRAI’s rule commercial sms should not be sent to DND Numbers registered with them . So we have two routes With DND Filtering – SMS Sent through this route will not be sent to DND Numbers if present . We have systems so that it will be automatically filtered in run time when it is sent. Without DND Filtering – SMS Sent through this route will be sent to DND Numbers if present . There will be no filtering for this route.
No. You should not use it for promotional purpose. It is used only for transactional purpose. We have separate team for monitoring this route. If your account is found using this route for promotional purposes , Your account will be deactivated immediately and fine will be levied or it might lead to closure of the account.
You can add a new sender id by going to Push SMS ->Add Sender Id. Select the appropriate route for the sender id (With / Without DND Filtering ) and Request. Sender Ids need to approved by your admin/reseller.
With DND Filtering Sender Ids takes at most 10 minutes to get approved. Without DND Filtering Sender Id takes at most 1 hour to get approved after the scanned ndnd form is submitted and approved.
1 Credit is a message with 160 characters.
DELIVRD – SMS Delivered EXPIRED – SMS gets expired before It reaches the handset . It might be due to the unavailability of handset UNDELIVRD – SMS undelivered to the mobile number FAILED – Delivery Failed to the mobile number NDNC Failed – DND Number . Please check for detais Sub SMSC – SMS Submitted to our SMSC and waiting for report to get updated Resellers
Go to Resellers -> Manage Users -> Click Convert straight to the user . Enter the domain details .
Go to Resellers -> Add/Deduct credits . Select the customer and add the credits
Simple. Go to Complaint Box -> Raise a complaint . Give the subject and description and note the complaint number and call +91 9962199621 within 30 mins of raising complaint and we will be very happy to assist you.

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